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The company Faltan7 started at 2017, with eight graduates of the 15h promotion (2014-2016) of Carampa Circus School in Madrid. After finishing their studies, the joy of their group spirit and abilities made them eager to continue working together and create their
first show  "Express" ! A show that combines all their favorite circus techniques:
partner acrobatics, teeterboard, chinese pole, unicycle and clown.

The name of the company in Spanish literally means "Missing 7", and represents the rest of the graduates from their class, that for different reasons couldn't take part in this project, but none the less were part of the group and its atmosphere.

Faltan7 is an INTERNATIONAL COMPANY, made of seven females and one male, all from different countries: Italy, Ireland, Spain and Israel. The names of the artists are: Ina Gruener, Luca Sartor, Fifi Rosenblat, Mónica Suárez, Paula Garo, Naikel Blázquez, Moran Shoval and Libby Halliday.
Discovered unicycle at the age of seven and hasn't stopped riding it since. Ina forms part of the company "Carpa Diem", along with Luca Sartor, where they combine unicycle, partner acrobatics, juggling and chinese pole. In addition, Ina participated in various social circus projects in Kenya, Italy and Turkey.
Graduated the circus school Carampa as a base in partner acrobatics, specializing in icarians with her flyer Paula Garo, and later on continued to develop her technique in different circus schools in Mexico. In addition, Naikel dedicates time to social circus and has participated in various projects in Bolivia, Mexico and Spain.
 After dancing in a dance academy, Libby turned to circus, specializing in handstands and partner acrobatics and deepening her skills with teachers such as Pascal Angelier o Alexander Gravilov. Together with Moran Shoval and Fifi Rosenblat, she forms part of the acrobatic-trio "Meshubash", and also performs in the show "Myres" of Grop Company directed by Stefano Fabris.
Graduated from the Circus School of Brussels focusing on circus education, Carampa Circus School (Madrid) specializing in juggling and chinese pole, and the 3rd year program of circus school Flic (Torino), with a personal project of clown and chinese pole. Together with Ina Gruner forms part of the company "Carpa Diem".  In addition, Luca dedicated great parts of his time to social circus, participating in projects in Kenya and Italy.
Specialized in physical theatre and clown at the school of Philippe Gaulier (Paris), with teachers such as Michel Dallaire, Johnny Melville and Thomas Leabhart. Worked as a clown "Albadulke" company, Traspediante company and Proyecto Sánchez company. Also worked as a host in various circus gala shows, and nowadays forms part of the company "Sincronacidas" with their show OHLIMPIADAS
Specialized in teeterboard and partner acrobatics (both base and flyer), Moran loves anything to do with adrenaline. Forms part of the company "Meshubash", together with
Libby Halliday and Fifi Rosenblat, and was part of the show "Myres" of the company Grop. Currently lives in Toulouse, working on a creation of a dance- partner acrobatic piece with the dancer Leo Didier.
Graduated the circus school Carampa as a flyer in partner acrobatics, specializing in icarians with her base Naikel Blázquez, and later on continued to develop her technique in different circus schools in Mexico. A part from circus Paula dedicates time to the professional music world as a saxophonist.
Flyer in partner acrobatics and specializing in teeterboard. Has been a gymnastic since a very young age, and not wanting to lose her love for playing and doing acrobatics – has
joined the circus world. For her, if it's a collective work – even better! Forms part of the company "Meshubash"; and was part of the show  "Myres" of  Grop Company. Currently forms parts of the acrobatic duo
"Uno más" with Fernando Melki, situated in
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